The living town-museum on CD-ROM !

When you think of Russia, keep in mind its one of the main origins - Novgorod the Great.

This CD-ROM is going to be of interest to anyone with an IBM PC compatible computer and a passion for history and culture

Comprehensive collection and great gift.

This unique CD-ROM is the first about ancient Novgorod. The authors have gathered together on a single CD-ROM a range of material from illustrated guides, books, albums, and also multimedia features such as video-clips, music and voice narration.
If you can't visit Novgorod or you would like to take a peek before you do visit, then this CD-ROM will show you what traits have been maintained in this beautiful cultural centre of Russia. If you are currently visiting Novgorod this CD-ROM is a never-ending source for you memory and a great gift for yourself, friend or family.

Genuine value. Prefect qualities.

This inexpensive CD-ROM gives you multiple megabytes for your money and genuine value. Besides, the CD-ROM is more than just a big collection of extensive information. The disk was developed using up-to-date Microsoft reliable technology. Easy installation. Simple Navigation. Access to all material is provided via super-friendly sophisticated search procedures which enable you to find any information quickly.

Explore the wonderful art world of ancient Russia in a completely new way!


All information is given both in Russian and English and consists of several topics:

Integrated guide along architectural landmarks of ancient and present Novgorod. Street-level maps of Novgorod and its neighborhood are the basis of this guide. Using them you can "visit" places where definite objects are situated. That means you will get a high quality photo of an object on the screen with accompanying text. The objects include almost all remaining churches, cathedrals and Soviet era buildings as well.

Comprehensive collection of Novgorod icon paintings which are nearly the most famous of artistic monuments of ancient Russia. The information is represented in two ways. The first one is reminiscent of reading a book about icons. References to graphic illustrations are represented by the minimized forms of these illustrations. Using your mouse you can switch into the full image. The second way is a using the elaborate search dialog which enables you to preview icons from the list and select icons according to their century of creation.

Extensive collection of Novgorodian applied arts from the Novgorod Museum of History, Architecture and Art. The information is represented in the way of hierarchical structure. The materials are classified according to topics. Each topic consists of subtopics. The titles are given in the form of a list in the frames of a topic (subtopic).

Video gallery is a collection of stunning video-clips of Novgorod and cultural scenes from Novgorodian lifestyle.

Music gallery includes folk music and ancient bell ringing.

Slide-Show is an automatic examination of the graphic material accompanied by musical fragments.

Tourism. This information presents considerable interest for those who are going to visit Novgorod.


386 or higher; 2MB RAM; SVGA display (256 color recommended); 1MB free hard disk space; Windows 3.1; Windows-supported sound card (recommended); mouse.

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Small part of the contents of our CD-ROM was placed in The Cultural Heritage of The Novgorod Land topic of our WWW server. You can buy this CD-ROM in Moscow (for example in the Moscow House of Books on the Novi Arbat Street right near the entranse, the kiosk of "Compu Link Trade" company) and in some places arround the Kremlin in Novgorod. We are planning to sell our CD-ROM abroad,but right now we can not do this due to many reasons.