Press release - July, 23

Novgorod: official report, July 23th, 1996

"Sovetsky sports" is represented at the super tournament for the first time. Andrew Shklyarevsky is responsible for chess reports.

Two popular magazines "Cosmopolitan" and "Around the World" having no direct connection with chess, made the accreditation more funny. The magazine for women is attracted by the participation of Judit Polgar in the super tournament. The geographical magazine is interested in a new spot, appearing on the world chess map. "Cosmopolitan" is represented by Zhanna Memillen, "Around the world" - by Nikolai Roginsky. Andrew, Zhanna's husband, will watch the game of Nigel Short by request of the English magazine "Chess".

Radio "Freedom" has also shown an interest in the super tournament. "Lord novgorod the Great" will be constantly on air: Russian radio, state teleradiocompany "Slavia" from Novgorod, "Radio-Nova", and "Europa Plus Novgorod" will provide listeners with necessary information.

The super tournament will be on the television TOO Besides the mentioned NTV and "Slavia", ORT, RTR and "%th channel" from St.Petersburg will also broadcast the development of "battles" on black-and-white chess "fields".

They have a night to use the information, prepared by Viktor Troyanovsky, the authorised reporter of ITAR-TASS in Novgorod region, and Alexander Ovchinnikov (photos).

On the development of the games
The Super tournament-96 Start has become for the participants - "who had already played in the previous super tournaments" very much the same, as two years ago. After the two rounds Vasili Ivanchuk has gained 1,5 point. Nigel Short comes next, having signed two times peaceful agreement. Once again the beginning has not been successful for Vladimir Kramnik, who scored only a draw. Like two years ago, he lost his game to Vasili Ivanchuk, again playing with Black pieces.

Vasili Ivanchuk and Nigel Short in their turn, played equally: their two games have completed in a draw, in 1994 - in the second round, in 1996 - in the first. The only difference is that two years ago the Ukranian grandmaster played White whereas now the English player has got the advantage of the colour.

At the Super tournament 1994 Nigel Short registered a record, having agreed on draw in eight games out of ten. It seems that at super tournament-96 he has decided not to change the two-years all schedule. One more view of the start - it might encourage the fans of Vasili Ivanchuk and Veselin Topalov, who have become leaders after the two rounds, the both players have got 1,5 point. At super tournament 1994 the heroes of the start were Garri Kasparov and Vasili Ivanchuk, they had one won game and one drawn game.

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