Historic attractions / Sightseeing

Big and little churches, stone and wood churches grace the Novgorod area. They have been, practically since Novgorod beginning, the heart of old streets, the anchor of social life, a source of spirit. Everywhere you look in Novgorod you will see a church, the pride and The Cultural Heritage of The Novgorodian Land.
Avanguardian architecture of regional drama theatre has something in common with Novgorodian traditions of Russian architecture.
Staraya Russa is the third major town in Novgorod region. As early as 11 century Staraya Russa was considered to be a follow-town of Novgorod the Great in politics and trade, being a large village surrounded by a rampart and fortress.

Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky

The great writer F.M.Dostoevsky lived in the towwn for a long periods in his last years of life. It was here that he wrote the greate part of the novel The Karamazov Brothers.Some of Dostoevsky's impressions of Staraya Russa were reproduced in his description of Skotoprigonyevsk, the town where the scene of the novel is laid out.

The memorial house of F.M.Dostoevsky