XXXIII International Seminar
"Actual Problems of Strength"

October 15-18, 1997
Novgorod, Russia

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Dear colleagues,

We invite you to participate in the XXXIII International Seminar "Actual Problems of Strength". The seminar will be held on the 15-18th of October (October 15- date of arrival) on the base of Novgorod State University named after Yaroslav-the-Wise, Novgorod, Russia.



Expansion of topics within framework of general direction and any new results are welcomed.


The main purpose of a seminar is association of efforts and polemic of the wide circle of experts and specialists in the field of physics and mechanics of strength, elastity and plasticity theory, computer aided design of materials. Scientific problems and practical results of researches in those domains will be discussed. Ways and directions for developing mechanics of perspective materials and creating progressive technologies are also subject of discussion.


Chairman - Soroka V.V. - rector NovSU, Doctor of physics and mathematical science, Professor (Novgorod State University)

Co-Chairman - Malinin V.G. - Doctor of physics and mathematical science, Professor, (Novgorod State University)


Abramov I.V. - rector ISTU, Doctor of technical science, Professor. (Izshevsk State Technical University, Izshevsk)

Betehtin V.V. Doctor of physics and mathematical science, Professor (Physics and technics institute named after A.F. Ioffe, Saint-Peterburg)

Dall Y.M. Doctor of physics and mathematical science, Professor, (Saint-Peterburgs State University)

Kolesnikov K.S. - member of the Russian Academy of science, doctor of technical science, professor(MSTU named after N.E. Bauman, Moscow)

Palmov V.A. - doctor of physics and mathematical science, professor (Saint-Petersburg State Technical University)

Panin V.E. member of the Russian Academy of science, Doctor of physics ad mathematical science, professor (Insitute of physics of strength and material study of the Russian Academy of Science, Tomsk)

A special edition of the works of the XXXIII seminar "Actual problems of strength" will be published.


Following formats for article files are accepted

Volume of the article: up to five pages of a text
Format of page: Page A4 (210x297 mm)
Margins: Top margin, bottom margin, left margin - 25 mm., right field - 10 mm.
Font: Times New Roman, Size 14 pt. interval 1,5

The author produces a diskette copy or e-mails his paper or a paper copy signed by the author can be sent. The application should include subject, name, position and place of work of the authors and also phone numbers, fax, and e-mail. For participation in the seminar we ask you to send us your the application and articles for publushing the works.


Participation fee is $10(in roubles, according to the current exchange rate of Central Bank of Russia) for participants from Russia and CIS. For foreign participants the fee is $50. The fee can be paid during the registration at the seminar in Novgorod. Rooms at the hotel will be reserved for participants.


All the papers (application, diskette or paper copy) should be send BEFORE August 1, 1997 to the organizing committee.


POSTAL ADDRESS - 173000, Russia, Novgorod,
Bolshaya St.-Peterburgskaya, 41.Novgorod State University,
Engineering and Technological Faculty, MFPMK dept., to professor Malinin V.G.

PHONE - (816-22) 2-79-06, (816-22) 2-64-00 -Engineering and Technological Faculty dean's office, Yakovleva Marina from 10.00 up to 17.00,
FAX - (816-22) 2-41-10 with mark "TO SEMINAR Actual problems of strength "

E-MAIL - You can contact us via the following e-mail addresses:,


Participation Application for the XXXIII Intermational Seminar "Actual problems of Strength"

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Company (or University)____________________________

Position, degree, rank______________________________

Address for correspondence_________________________

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