"History of Pen-Club in NovSU"
Not long ago I've noticed that the number of people that looked up our server has significantly increased. Why is that? - I asked myself. What was there on our server that draw so much attention ?

The data analysis showed that the most popular section on our WWW is Pen-Club. The idea of erection of such a club appeared not by mere chance. There are not many WWW servers in Russia (compared with other countries), provide information interesting to the whole world. What's more in the end of 1994, the date of foundation of our WWW, one could count the number of servers very easily. That's the reason why our WWW server has attracted so much attention.

People with great interest explored our information resources, discovering Russia. As an webmaster I daily get a great number of messages from people with the description of the impressions that our WWW has produced on them. In such messages, the guests of our server expressed their great interest and desire to learn more about Russia, Novgorod, its people, find friends in our city. On the other hand, our students would like to become friends with people all over the world.

All this has brought up an idea of Pen-Club. On our server we opened up a new page called PenClub. That's the place where any person can place his or her photo and a short story about himself or herself, his or her interests and hobbies.

We announced about our Pen-Club in the university newspaper, describing the unique possibilities of finding friends with the help of Internet. That's how the first participants or the members of the club have appeared. Now there are 21 members of the club. All of them are already corresponding with their pen-pals all over the world. They are very happy that now they have such a possibility.

After the appearance of Pen-Club we started to recieve more and more messages ! Now people tell us that the idea of PenClub is just brilliant. A lot of people would like to become its members. And I sincerely hope that club will some day become international and the number of our members will dramaticaly increase. We would like to welcome everybody.

At present moment Russia is going through difficult times. Only a small group of people can afford to travel to different countries, meet interesting people, learn more about the world. Internet gives all the people this chance!

Fedorov Slava