Alexandrov Yuri Yuriyevich

Born in Tikhvin in 1962. He graduated from the 1905 Revolution Art School in the speciality "artist-restorer" and in 1990 also the department of the history of art of the I.Repin Institute. Yuri Alexandrov is now working as a restorer of icons at the Novgorod museum.

Interaction of different sign systems is the sphere of the artist's interests. The "eternal" symbols add to the collages creation of which stems from the existence of modern polygraphic materials and present - day visual culture as a whole.

Alchemic signs are used together with newspaper printing types, cheap reproductions and geographical maps. High painting technique and various formal novations are seen wherever the artist uses traditional materials. The creative work of Alexandrov can be viewed as a cultural excursus into the world of semantic and optical paradoxes and as an indication of a way leading may be to the resolution of the crucial issues of being of man and the world.