The International gymnastics tournament
"Novgorod the Great"

Technical rules

Dates - 19-21 December 1997
Location - Sport Centre, Novgorod, Russia

19.12. 97. - arriving, training, coaches and judges meeting
20.12. 97. - junior's Open- tournament
21.12. 97. - Super-tournament, veteran's display, show

- junior competition - 2 boys from 10 y.o. and older, 2 girls from 9 y.o. and older from one club. Super-tournament, veterans display - by special invitation.

Junior competition

Boys - any 4 apparatus - 1C2B5A, from 10,0, without special requirements (vault + 1,0)
Girls - any 3 apparatus - 1C2B2A, without special requirements, from 9,6, addition for extra D, E and special connections, score not more then 10.0 (vault + 0,3). Your information about competitions apparatus has to be provided not late then 19.11.97.


Competition 2, F.I.G. code the points (just one vault). At the same time will compete just one gymnast.
Competition 3, F.I.G. code the points (just one vault). Will compete 3 gymnasts with best scores after competition N 2.

Veteran's display and show

Veteran's display is not a competition. Judging of show by jury from judges and spectators.
Awards - trophies for 1st-6th places for boys and girls in junior competition.
Trophies for 1st-6th places in all-around and for the 1-st places on the everyone apparatus for man and women in the Super-tournament. The prize found of Super-tournament - $ 40.000.
Special gifts for all of veterans, who will compete. Special gifts for the 1-st place in show.
Expenses - All the expenses for transport, accommodation and food for the account of guests. Trophies and other competitions payments - Organazing committee.

More information about competition contact:
Dmitriy Trofimov
App. 32 Kochetova str.27
Novgorod, 173025 Russia
Tel. (81622) 75760
Fax (8162) 131400
E-mail address: