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Invitation for the Cooperation in the Sphere
of Television & Radio broadcasting.

Reference. Founded in the year of 859, Novgorod is one of the most ancient cities of Russia,the birthplace of Russian statehood. The city features unique world-famous historical monuments, a large tourist center, international-class hotels, while its location on the highway Moscow- St.Petersburg is geographically very favorable.
Novgorod Oblast (region), one of the leaders in reforms-making, is, by experts assessment, in the group of Russia's three leading regions with highest levels of foreign investments. It has been chosen by Gore- Chernomirdin Committee as a sample to work out the model of international cooperation.
"Slavia", Novgorod state-owned TV-Radio company possesses one of Russia's biggest TV-Radio complexes with modern equipment. Two TV channels, three radio stations, a newspaper, an own printing house. Sustained participant of federal- level TV programs, offered by such leading companies as NTV, ORT, RTR. Among its two hundred employees there are those, who have been awarded international premiums of television.

Project in brief.The offered International Press-Center will be able to provide foreign correspondents with a wide range of professional facilities to perform their activities on the territory of the region.

Conditions to implement the project. A grant, or an investor is required to complete basic equipment of the press- centre. Institutional basis of the offered facility may be subject to negotiations.

You are welcome
to contact:
"Slavia", Novgorod state- owned TV-Radio Company
Chairman of the Company- Smirnov Victor Grigorievich.

Address:Russia, 173020, Novgorod, Moskovskaya str.,106

Phone:(816 22) 38-005

Phone/Fax: (816 22) 38-044