The Gate-tower of the Gostiny Dvor

Located on the St Nicholas cathedral's western side is a complex of buildings put up at different times. Opposite the cathedral entrance is a tent-roofed bell-tower, erected on a hexahedral foundation in the 17th century. Next to it, on the north, is a 19th-century structure which, in turn, is adjoined by a massive tent-roofed tower with two passage-ways below. This tower, constructed not later than the 15th century, was long believed to house the Veche Bell. Recent investigations, however, have shown that it was the gate-tower of the Gostiny Dvor (bazaar) designed by Semion Yefimov and Jury Vakhrameyev at the end of the 17th century. Together with the arcade stretching along the Volkhov's right bank, it is the only reminder of the former Gostiny Dvor.