1. Installation

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1.1. Requirements

cgihtml was written for Unix machines in C, although it may be portable to DOS and other operating systems. All you need is a C compiler, and you should be set.

By default, cgihtml assumes you are installing on a Unix machine with the CGI source code going in a cgi-src directory and the binaries in a cgi-bin directory.

1.2. Obtaining and unpacking the distribution

You may find cgihtml-1.1.tar.gz at

To unpack the distribution, you must first gunzip it (using the GNU gzip utility) and then untar it. Copy the distribution into your CGI source directory, and try the following commands:

     % gzip -d cgihtml-1.1.tar.gz
     % tar -xvf cgihtml-1.1.tar

1.3. Compiling the library

To compile the library, type:

     % make cgihtml.a
This will produce the file cgihtml.a. To compile the library as well as all of the example programs, type:

     % make all

1.4. Porting

While compiling the libraries on various Unix machines, you may have trouble with the "ranlib" command. If you system doesn't seem to have this command, you most likely don't need. Set the RANLIB variable in the Makefile to "true".

If you are attempting to port this library to a non-Unix system, you may want to remove the die() routine from cgi-lib.c and cgi-lib.h. This is a Unix-specific function.

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