The Four Gospels

1575 y., Novgorod.

Parchment, paper (565 sheets). In folio (28 X 19 cm).

Unical. The miniatures with representation of the Evangelists, headpieces and initials are in colour on a gold ground; ornamentation of margins is also in colour. Scribe Andreichina.

The binding of wooden boards is covered with gold - tooled leather.

From St. Sophia's Cathedral in Novgorod; contributed by Novgorod Archbishop Leonid.

Novgorod Museum of History, Architecture and Art.

Headpiece, heading: "The Gospel According to St. Luke", initial P and text. Sheet 268.

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The Evangelist Mark. Sheet 165, verso.

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Headpiece, heading, initial S and text. Sheet 166 (spread).

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