1ST year students of the Center for education and business development in Novgorod

Andrew Bazhenkov

Photo is missing now
Present working place :  5th year student at NovSU, manager at the station of
technical service Ford-car
Age : 22 years old
Projects are desired to realize :
 development of tourism in Novgorod, organizing of a 
station of technical foregn cars (eg Volvo) service.
Profile of desired partners :tourism agency;manufactoring; service.
Details of co-operation :  We need information about foreign visitors:
 their needs, preferencies. Also we want to promote our city on the touring
 market. We need a modern equipment and special manuals about how to repair 
foreign cars.

Languages : Russian, English Background. There is 5-ball scale system in Russia, where "5" is the best mark.
Adress : apt.32, h.6, Parkovaya Str., 173014, Novgorod, Russia