2nd year students of the Center for education and business development in Novgorod

Dmitry S. Dovgenko

Present working place : joint stock company "Acron"
Age : 43 years old
Project(s) already have been realized : participating in making of 
marketing survey for one project of establishing joint venture in Russia
Projects he desires to realize : Trade, tourism 
Type of co-operation he desires : trade or service joint venture 

Languages : Russian, English, Spanish, German, French, Polish, Ukranian Other expirience : worked at school teacher, interpreter at a steel making plant, geologist, marketing survey
Background. There is 5-ball scale system in Russia, where "5" is the best mark.
dress : apt.150- 138, Leningradskaya st., Novgorod, Russia, 173004 Tel : (7 816 22) 2-27-41, 96-910 - office