2nd year students of the Center for education and business development in Novgorod

Ann F. Gruzdeva

Present working place : 5th year student at the NovSU; 
student shop "Anda"; department of informationtechnologies at NovSU
Age : 21 years old
Sphier of interests : computing, service, etc.
Projects are desired to realize :  Joint Venture, Service at NovSU for students
Type of desired co-operation : the same as the sphier

Languages : Russian, English Other expirience : programming : Visual Basic (Excel), BP, "Microsoft office" ( Excel, Word), graphic editors, etc. Personal profile : sport (l. athletics, tennis) , drawing Background. There is 5-ball scale system in Russia, where "5" is the best mark.
Adress : fl.51, h.57, Grigorovskoye Rd., Novgorod, 173004 Tel. : ( 7 816 22) 3-01-80 (nome) 29-911 (work)