2nd year students of the Center for education and business development in Novgorod

Yelena Babenko

Present working place : Novgorod City Administration, External Economic Links 
and Tourism Committee, specialist
Age : 34 years old
Projects are desired to realize : The development of tourism business in Novgorod
Profile of desired partners : Tourism service (International tourism agency)

Languages : Russian, English, German Background. There is 5-ball scale system in Russia, where "5" is the best mark.
Adress : apt.116, h.45, korp. 1, Kochetov Str., 173025, Novgorod, Russia Tel. : (7 816 22) 7-47-93 Telex : (64) 412062 OCTET SU, Box 51312 E-mail : elena@cityadm.nov.su