Center for education and business development in Novgorod

Center for education and business development in Novgorod

This center for education and business development in Novgorod - NORMAN (NORwegian MANagement) - was founded in March of 1993 (the agreement and protocol of intentions were signed 4th of January 1992). This agreement was a result of contacts established during the visit to Novgorod region by a delegation from the country of Telemark.

Co-founders of NORMAN are Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Telemark College (Norway) and Novgorod Polytechnical Institute (from October 1993 - Novgorod State University, Russia). Legal status - Two-years-long educational programs executed by and at Novgorod State University with assistance and participation of Telemark College, Norway. Working language is English. All NORMAN students attend business English classes under the guidance of most qualified Russian teachers using Norwegian methodology and materials. Main aims of NORMAN school are:

Since July 1993 students of NORMAN have listened the following courses:
          Courses:                      Lecturers:  
"Introduction into Market Economics" N.Sorgaard,

"Marketing"             	     Per O.M.Isaksen,

"Business English"                   Thor.S.Nilsen,
                                        Robert McColl,
                                        Per Kristian Halle,
                                        Nina G.Volkova,
			      Nina G. Sanina;
"Accounting Course"                  F.Lieungh,

"Computing in Management"            F.Lieungh,

"Consultation on diploma project"    H.Oy,
"Human Resources Management"         N.Tarberg,

There are about 40 students in NORMAN school now (ca 20 of they are candidates, others are the members of the main program).

Everyone of the 2nd year Norman students have already participated and even realized some marketing surveies for their companies or organization.

Here is a list of several NORMAN students with their background, specialties and interests:

Computing Tourism Service Companies and Organizations of Novgorod In Norway Almost of this students can work ,for instance, in export/import department or other institutions, where English and Russian languages are needed.