Faculty of Architecture, Arts and Construction

T. M. Kauda

Dean of the faculty

The faculity employs 27 senior teachers, candidates of sciences.

6 departments:

Artistic and plastic material processing
Arts and methods of teaching
Architectural design
Descriptive geometry and computer graphics
Building structures
Building production


Studio of landscape architecture and town - planning
Student's architectural and artistic workshop
Arcitectural monuments restoration and reconstruction studio
Design - studio

Training specialists:

Restoration and reconstruction
Design of dwelling apartments and offices and historic environment
Town planning and urbanistics
Design of architectural environment
Landscape architecture
Town planning design and advertisement
Interior and equipment
Scenography and costume
Industrial aesthetics
Graphical design
Technology of artistic material processing
Metal processing (jeweller's art)
Wood processing
Ceramics and glass processing
Fine arts and drawing
Fine arts and drawing teacher
Decorative - applied art
Computer graphics and advertisement
Industrial and civil constructions
Engineering restoration and reconstruction
Buildings and constructions design
Buildings and constructions maintenance
Municipal economy
Organization of public services and amenities
Construction and maintenance of urban structures