Delicat voice - voice - great voice.

Traditionally the problems of musical pedagogics are aimed at the forming of "the basis of musicality" which includes: a sensl of rhythm, an ear for music, an orienting in music and execution.

Universally recognized methods of Zoldan Kodai, Karl Orf and Dmitry Kobalevshy each in its own way lead to the aim accordingly through the development of an ear for music (Z.Kodai), a sense of rhythm (K.Orf) and an orienting in music (D.Kobalevshy). And only the way of execution has not been mastered yet.

Every country has its own cultural experience and century-old traditions. The culture of Russia is a singing one and that is why the most natural way for Russian people is a vocal way to the basis of musicality. But up to now the method of voice training in a group-form of education is not found. We have to choose a chorus or a voice.

This problem is solved at the Department of Music of Novgorod State University. The method of elementary intensive singing in chorus has been wormed out. The essence of the matter is an individual voice training in a group-form of education. The author of the method is Vengrus Lyubov Anatolyevna the Candidate of Study of Art, Honoured Culture Wormer, Assistant professor, the Head of the Department of Music of Novgorod State University.

A voice training needs definite time that gives an opportunity to study the subjects of a musical cycle at a sense level at the same time and to solve the problem of the organization of the basis of musicality or elementary musical education for all. Musical education at a vocal basis, at the basis of a voice training may be given to any person of any age and any education.

The formation of the voice tames place in a classical school of singing with academic standards: compass, force, timbre and indefatigability.

Voice - to everyone!