Main Novgorod State University building

On the lands of ancient Novgorod in St. Anthony's monastery one of the first theological seminaries in Russia was founded in 1740 y. Its spiritual educational traditions were taken over by the Teachers Training Institute, the latter growing into an important pedagogical, educational and research institution within more than 80 years of its existence.

The Novgorod Polytechnical Institute was founded as a branch college of the Leningrad Electrical - Engeneering Institute (today St. Petersburg Electrical - Engineering University) in 1961 y., and it soon took a worthy place among the higher educational institutions of Russia.

According to the Decree of the Russian Federation Council of Ministers in the summer of 1993 y. the Novgorod Polytechnical Institute and the Novgorod Pedagogical Institute were reorganized into the Novgorod State University.

Giving his blessing to the University the Bishop of Novgorod and Staraya Russa Leo inspired it to revive and support the spiritual traditions of the Russian people. He also said he believed the students of the University would be worthy of their hight heavenly protector Saint Anthony the Roman who has been the protector of Novgorodian students ever since the XVIII century.

The rich experience of training specialists in two different educational establishments is joined now with the foundation of the Novgorod State University. Thus the young people get one more chance to find their most successful way of serving our Motherland.