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Hi, My dear stranger!
How are you?
As for me, I am fine and I decided to write to you because I'd like to be friends with you. And now there is a little information about me. I'm a Russian girl, 18 years old. I live in Novgorod. It's a very beautiful and ancient town. So, I hope some day you come to this town. My hobbies are foreign languages, sport and music. There are 5 members in my family: me, mother and father, my little brother and a dog, Ralf.
Now I study at the University of Foreign Languages. I'm a freshman only. But I'm going to study till I reach the top. In my spare time i prefer to chat with my friends and i hope soon i have some more friend. And what about you? Well, now I say good-bye, write me back, please. Your friend, Natasha.
P.S. I'd like to correspond with a boy, 19-28 years old. My e-mail is shans@lan.novsu.ac.ru