Gymnasts from Germany, Great Britain, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Ukraine, USA, Moscow, Sent-Petersburg, Vladimir, Novgorod and other Russian gymclubs will participate.
The age of the biggest part of participators
will be from 10 to 16 y.o.
The program is original and spectacular.

In the sinior competition Olympics champions
Alexsey Voropaev and Elena Dolgopolova
and European junior champions 1996
and Finalists of the World Championships !!!

1985 World's Champions
Elena Shushunova, Oksana Omelianchik and Yuri Korolev
as the head referees and participators of veteran's competition together again !

Sponsorship by Novgorod State University, Federal, regional and city Administration, "Coca-Cola", "Kodak- Express", "Gymnova" (British branch) and Russian companies.
Information about Tournament: "Soviet Sport", "The Gymnast" (UK), "Gym Stars", "International Gymnast" and Internet.