Dear participators
of the International Gymnastics Tournament
The Cup of Buratino

The capital of the greatest Slav republic in the past, the city of eleven centuries, modest but proud Russian, the Lord Novgorod the Great, WELCOMEs you !

During these pre-Christmas days we would like you to feel the open hearts of the Novgorodians, to enjoy the beauty of our nature, the music of the architecture of our ancient cathedrals. You are sure to remember for a long time all the excursions, visits to the Kremlin, which are in your schedule of staying in Novgorod.

Her Majesty Gymnastics has given rise for our meeting here. Strength and grace, bravery and inspiration are the components of this most interesting sport. Novgorodian gymnastics has a half century history and for a number of years it makes its admirers happy with results. Only this year the member of the Russian national team - Novgorodian Anna Kovaleva have become the winners of the European Junior Championships, and certainly, everybody know the Novgorodian Tournament "Cup of Buratino". This name is chosen more than 10 years ago and not by chance. Gymnastics is always like a tale and who of the Russian fairy-tale characters looks most of all like a gymnast ? Of course, Buratino (Pinokkio).

Thus, this Tournament was born and with every year it became more and more popular and last year it has became an international one. In 1996 The Cup of Buratino was included in to the Russian national gymnastics calendar and we hope it will be interesting event for young capable gymnasts. The program of the Tournament is original and spectacular: Individual competition, mix-team competition, display and competition "coach+gymnast". The head judges of the Tournament are international class referees, Olympic and World champions - Elena Shushunova, S-Petersburg. The sponsors of the Tournament are biggest companies of Novgorod region.

We wish you pleasant staying in Novgorod and a successful starts.
Alexander Korsunov The Mayor of Novgorod

The programme

13th December,
Friday 13.00 - 17.00 - gym hall available for training 18.00 - judges and coaches technical meeting

14th December,
Saturday 11.00 - individual juniors 13.00 - Opening ceremony 14.00 - senior individual

15th December,
Sunday 10.00 - mix-team competition 11.30 - "coach+gymnast" competition 12.15 - show 13.00 - Closing ceremony

The winners

The International Tournament Cup of Buratino 1995.
Siniors Dmitry Lvov - Novgorod
Vera Smirnova - Novgorod
Juniors Viktor Vertelenko - S-Petersburg
Yuliya Molotkova - Jaroslavl