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1. Alexander Korsunov The Mayor of Novgorod with Anna Kovaleva European junior champion 1996
2. The Cup of Pinokkio
3. 1985 World's Champions Elena Shushunova, Oksana Omelianchik and Yuri Korolev
4. Elena Dolgopolova from PhotoArchive of Amanda Turner
5. Novgorod Gym Club
6. 1996 Summer Games Dolgopolova starting the compulsory fx routine (from Mark and Lani's Home Page)
7. 1996 World Championships Voropaev chalks up for vaulting (from Mark and Lani's Home Page)

Photo by Genesee Volkhov Connection Ink., Novgorod

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1.The opening

1.1. and 1.2.

2. Junior’s individual

2.1. Pavel Belyaev, Novgorod
2.2. Torsten Graf, Germany
2.3. David Allen, USA
2.4. Anastasiya Kapustina, Russia
2.5. Ignas Apanavichus, Lithuania
2.6. and 2.6.1. Konstantin Smaznov, Novgorod, juniors winner
2.8. Anna Kovaleva, Novgorod, winner of the European junior team’s championship 1996
2.9. Boy’s winners: 1-st place Konstantin Smaznov (Novgorod), 2-nd place Torsten Graf , 3-rd place Markus Gerhard (both from Germany)
2.10. Girl’s winners: 1-st place Anna Kovaleva (Novgorod), 2-nd place Mariya Lojkina, 3-rd place Anastasiya Kapustina (both from Russia)

3. Sinior’s individual

3.1., 3.1.1., 3.1.2., 3.1.3. Elena Grosheva - silver Olympic medalist
3.2. Yuliya Krupskaya, Moscow
3.3. Anton Krapivin, Novgorod, 2-nd place
3.4. Dmitry Lvov, Novgorod
3.5. Evgeny Podgorny, golden Olympic medalist
3.6. Women’s winners: 1-st place Elena Dolgopolova, silver Olympic medalist, Russia, 2-nd place Yuliya Krupskaya, Moscow, 3-rd place Elena Grosheva, Russia
3.7. Man’s winners: 1-st place Evgeny Podgorny, Russia, 3-rd place Dmitry Lvov, Novgorod

4. Between exercises

4.1. The power of the Britain
4.2. Gymnasts from Norway. From Norway ?
4.3. New friends
4.4. Interview
4.5. Smile
4.6. Evgeny Podgorny: “Oh-h-h...”
4.7. The youngest participator - Valentin Bagryantsev, Novgorod
4.8. The signing
4.9. and 4.9.1. Awaiting: Elena Zamolodchikova and Dmitry Lvov
4.10. Elena Dolgopolova, Evgeny Podgorny and Elena Grosheva: How is new gymnastics generation ?
4.11. “Not bad, Bruce”- Gabriel Bruce (USA)
4.12. “Stop, moment”- Elizabeth Squires, “Gym Stars”
4.13. Three smiles (from right to left): The Mayor of Novgorod Mr. Aleksandr Korsunov, director of the tournament Dmitry Trofimov, head judge Yury Korolev
4.14. “We are ready for show”

5. Veteran’s competition

5.1. Sill classical lines - Sergey Simakov, Novgorod (33 y.o.)
5.2. The champion’s hand-wtiting - Yury Korolev
5.3. and 5.3.1. Gipsy dance of Oksana Omelianchik - great ovation !
5.4. After 11 years they won again - Elena Shushunova, Yury Korolev and Oksana Omelianchik, winners of the World championship 1985

6.The time came back !

6.1., 6.2., 6.3.

7. The party

7.1. John Crumlish (International Gymnast) and Elizabeth Squires (Gym Stars) with Oksana Omelianchik
7.2. (from left to right) The head judge, World and Olympic champion Elena Shushunova, director of the tournament Dmitry Trofimov, Vice-Mayor Mrs. Galina Matveeva, The Mayor of Novgorod Mr. Aleksandr Korsunov and Vice-Governor of Novgorod region Mrs. Nina Fedorova.
7.3. ”Do you remember ? “ - Oksana and Yury
7.4. Elena Shushunova: “Next year we will come again !”

The Cup of Pinokkio
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