The International Gymnastics Tournament "Cup of Buratino" collected gymnasts from Germany, Great Britain, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Ukraine, USA, Moscow, St- Petersburg, Vladimir, Novgorod and other Russian gymclubs.

As a special guests came Elizabeth Squires from "Gym Stars" and John Crumlish from "International Gymnastics". Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth sent for the participators wishes to take good results. The president of the Russian national gymnastics federation also sent a good wishes for the Tournament.

The main jury consist of Elena Shushunova, Oksana Omelyanchik, Yury Korolev. The technical directors are Anatoly Chistenko and Elena Mashinskaya. Director of the Tournament - Dmitry Trofimov.

In individual competition on the first day took part more then 50 gymnasts from 9 to 17 years old. All of them represented gymclubs. Boys on the three, girls on the two apparatus with difficult 3B 5A generally showed the middle level of gymnastics. The exception are Anna Kovaleva and Konstantin Smaznov from Novgorod. Anna Kovaleva - winner of the teams competition of the European championship 1996 - has not yet her normal form after a foot problem. But her 2,5 twists + front tuck, handspring + twist + front straight, "Shushunova's" leap on the floor and 1,5 front with half twist on the vault were excellent !

Konstantin Smaznov just 10 years old showed classical lines and front+front, Thomas, handspring+straight front on the floor, Delchev and Gutsogy on the rings.

The Tournament was opened by Mayor of Novgorod Mr. Aleksandr Korsunov. Everyone tried to win on the elite individual. Elena Dolgopolova was excellent with "Marinich" on bars, "Yurchenko" with before + 1,5 pike with half twist on the vault, and with great composition on the floor with double back straight - 10.0 !

Yuliya Krupskaya (Moscow) was very delicate and musical on the floor with front twist + front tuck and double back with twist.

Elena Grosheva showed double twist on the floor and "Yurchenko"+ half twist + front straight.

Evgeny Podgorny with double straight and straight front + straight front + twist on the floor , "Azarian" to cross twice on the rings, long walking on the pommel and double front on the bars looks as a Olympic champion ! He is !

Two excursions to the Kremlin and to the museum Vitoslavitsy was very interest- ing, especially with the first snow. ( It's a record - first snow in the middle of December, usually we have snow in November.

Next day was like a day of gymnastics games. In the mix-teams competition gym- nasts can compete just once. Teams were compiled from 4 gymnasts independly from nationality, age and sex. It was very interesting to see understanding between different gymnasts. Gymnastics has no borders.

But the most important point of the second day was the veterans competition. Coaches, judges became gymnasts and the light of the youth illuminated there faces !

Elena Shushunova, Olympic and World champion, the clerk of St-Petersburg Olympic committee was very brave and strong on the vault - 1,5 front ! Ovation !

Montreal, World championship 1985. Yury Korolev ( in the present coach from Vladimir) on the pommel. Thomas to handstand to Thomas ! Great ! Big ovation !!

Now floor. Red and gold. Gipsy brilliance and ringing of monists. And smile. Her smile ! Oksana ! Oksana Omelianchik ! She looks the same as in 1985. Time came back ! Gymnasium shocked by her Gipsy dance ! Great ovation ! ! !

Champions are always champions! They have come back !!!

The show was very funny and as a last accord was a game for landing double back on the floor.

Cups and comemorative plates and a lot of flowers were on the closing ceremony. The winners got prise money.

Then a press-conference with World champions-85 and disco with the small gifts for all the participators and the tears of leaving. Of course, two days are not enough, but training, competitions, excursions, disco helped to find new friends.

Information about Tournament: Russian national TV, "Soviet Sport", "The Gymnast" (UK), "Gym Stars", "International Gymnast" and Internet.

The Cup of Buratino finished and we begin to prepare for the new competition. The name is "Novgorod the Great International" 12-14th December 1997 Welcome !

Information about the new Tournament will be provided.

Copyright 1996 Novgorod State University