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Novgorod, the oldest Russian city, situated 200 kilometres south-east of St. Petersburg. There are many ancient cathedrals and interesting places. In gymnastics club we have 500 children from 1-16 years old in recreational groups and 80 boys and girls in sports groups. Four of our gymnasts are members of Russian national gymnastics team, and one of them - Anna Kovaleva - is winner of European championship 1996. Four of my coaches have the top level of Russian qualification. We have got good gymnasium with unique facility. The International Gymnastics Clubs Tournament "The Cup of Buratino (Pinokkio)" last time was organised on 15-17th December 1995 at the Sport Centre of Novgorod. About 100 boys and girls from England, Estonia, Lithveniya, Moscow, Sent-Petersburg, Jaroslavl, Vladivostok(!) and others Russian GymClubs took part. Elena Shushunova, Olympic and World champion was the head referee. The Tournament was opened by the Mayor of Novgorod. The prise money was provided by regional and city Administrations and biggest companies of Novgorod region. Member of Russian national team Dmitriy Lvov and Vera Smirnova were winners in individual competition. First place for the mix-teams competitions - boys from England and S-Petersburg, girls from Jaroslavl, Moscow, Vilnius. The participators of coaches competition were 15 coaches (mr. Trevor Low - the editor of British national gymnastics magazine "The Gymnast" between them). Elena Shushunova with 1,5 front on the vault (9.7) took 1st place.

The cultural program with visits to S-Petersburg, museums, Russian families was very interesting. All the guests were impressed of organisation of this Cup and hospitality of Novgorodians.

This year the dates of Tournament will be 14-15 December. Olympics champions Alexsey Voropaev and Elena Grosheva, European champions 1996 will take part. Gymnasts from USA, England, Germany, Finland, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia and many Russian clubs will come too. The age of the biggest part of participators will be from 10 - 16 y.o. Elena Shushunova and Yury Korolev Olympic and World champions will be head referees. Sponsorship of the Cup will provide by Federal, regional and city Administration, "Coca-Cola", "Kodak-Express", "Gymnova" and big Russian companies. Information about Tournament will go to the national TV, newspapers and also to the Internet.

As you can see below, in the very simple rules, everybody can take part - from beginners to Elite.

The Cup of Buratino (Pinokkio)

Technical rules

Dates - 13-15 December 1996
Location - Sport Centre, Novgorod, Russia
Participators - boys from 10 y.o. and older, girls from 9 y.o. and older


13.12. 96. - arriving, training, coaches and judges meeting
14.12. 96. - individual competition, 10.00 - 2nd boys and girls groups, 13.00 - 1st boys and girls group
15.12. 96. - mix-team and coaches competition, show

Individual competition

1st boys group - any 4 apparatus - 1B competition(optional exercises), F.I.G. code the points
2nd boys group - any 3 apparatus - 3B5A, from 10,0, without special requirements (vault + 1,0)
1st girls group - any 3 apparatus - 1B competition(optional exercises), F.I.G. code the points (just one vault)
2nd girls group - any 2 apparatus - 3B5A, from 9,4, without special requirements

At the same time will compete just one gymnast. An information about competitions apparatus has to be provided not late then 13.12.96.

Mix-teams competition

Team consist of 4 gymnasts (1 gymnast from each group) independly from nationality and club. Difficult of exercises- as in individual competition. All the participators will start on any one apparatus.

Coach+gymnast competition

The pears can be assembled arbitrary, independly from age, nationality and club. Both, coach and gymnast will start on the same apparatus just one time. Coaches can take rise for the age. Awards - trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each group in individual competition. Teams trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in mix-teams. Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in coaches+gymnast competition. Special gifts for all the coaches, who will participate. Expenses - All the expenses for transport, accommodation and food for the account of guests. Trophies and other competitions payments - Novgorod gymnastics club.(As an exception we can provide accommodation, transport from S-Petersburg and food for foreign GymClubs for our account)

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