International Chess Super - Tournament

"Lord Novgorod The Great"


Professional Chess Assosiation (PCA) open the cycle of the classic chess tournaments "Super Classic PCA". The cycle of 1995 year consist of 3 chess tournaments:

-"Sport competition in honour of Michael Tall",Riga,12.04.95 - 24.04.94;

-"Lord Novgorod the Great", Novgorod, 26.05.95 - 9.06.95;

-"Credit Swiss Masters", Zurich, 21.10.95 - 2.11.95;

Ten grandmasters - member of PCA - with highest ratings will take part in every tournament. The category of tournaments is 18-th. The Price fund of every tournament - 122.500 $....

Simultaneously there will be the commom test on results of tournaments of all series "Super Classic PCA". The prize fund in sum of 150.000$ will be distributed among all competitors after the summing up of the series.

In the tournament in Novgorod the following competitors will take part: H.Kasparov, Topalov, V.Kramnik, V.Ivanchuk, N.Short, A.Jusupov, R.Vaganan, J.Tinmman, J.Elvest, B.Gulko.

The distribution of the prizes:

1-st - 30.000$          6-th - 9.000$
2-nd - 20.000$          7-th - 8.000$
3-d  - 15.000$          8-th - 7.000$
4-th - 12.000$          9-th - 6.000$
5-th - 10.000$         10-th - 5.000$
In the case of egual smb.'s points positions the corresponding prizes
will be summed and divided in egual parts.

The Results of Tournament